No new post until October


Dear readers:

Thank you very much for your visit to this blog and continued interest.

I will be gone away from my desk and research materials. I hope to be able to resume my post from Tokyo in early fall.

Noriko   [August 21, 2015]

2 thoughts on “No new post until October

  1. Good morning,, is there a new (second edition and more than 1100 kanji ) of “The Key to Kanji –A Visual History of 1100 Characters 漢字絵解き” ??

    • Hi Maria. Thank you for your question.
      My current thinking is that the next book is unlikely to take the same format as The Key to Kanji. We are very pleased to know that this illustrated kanji study book has been helping many Japanese learners to become enthusiastic about kanji. For an advanced learner who needs the second half of the Joyo Kanji, however, I am thinking about a different format in the future. If my energy and health allow me for the next few years I would like to incorporate directly ancient writing as a visual guide to understand the essence of each kanji. Since I do all the work from scratch (research and production of ancient writings, selection of words, stroke order, etc.) by myself, this work will take me a few more years. So, the short answer to your question is that I am afraid that the second half of the Joyo Kanji may not be out for some time.

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