The Online 1100 Video Kanji Lessons Completed


The first stage of the video lessons on an etymology-based kanji study has been completed. The last two tables of kanji are shown at the bottom. The all 1100 lessons are at

Working at the same time on these lessons and on the Kanji Portraits blog has been giving me a chance to revisit the origins of each kanji with more focus on the ancient writings. Ancient writings are great storytellers. They entertain and make us think. I have been sharing my thoughts with you as I do my research. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I have been.

I will be away from the reference materials over the Christmas-New Year break, so the next posting will probably be the second weekend in January.  (Due to the change of my traveling schedule it will be around the third weekend. Updated on January 7, 2016)

I wish you and yours a merry Christmas, a happy holiday for whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, and the very best of the new year.

メリークリスマス!  どうぞよいお年をお迎えください




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