Sorry, but no article today


As I started to write for this week, I came across a snag. I need to reexamine a few different groups of kanji that I thought to be related or unrelated (if this makes sense to you at all). So, no post this week. My apology to our regular readers.

Have a good week.   -Noriko [April 8, 2018]

4 thoughts on “Sorry, but no article today

  1. No worries, as of the moment were also busy about crypto currencies. My Japanese journey is now being pushed back by a lot of things.

  2. Hi there. I just found your site yesterday. As someone around N3 still struggling with Kanji, I am so very very glad this website exists. I’ve always wanted to see an English kanji website with kanji etymology but I could never find it somehow. Thanks a lot for the videos and blog posts! It must have taken a ton of time and effort to do all this for free. It’s okay to miss a few deadlines every now and than.

    • Thank you for your comments. I know that going beyond N3 is a steep hill. I hope you can find something to motivate yourself to keep on working on kanji. -Noriko

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