90 Kanji Radicals on iTunes U


Bushu: The Kanji Makers -From Images to Shapes (video clip collection)

Where to View: American University iTunes U (Open to the Public; Free)

 URL:  https://itunes.apple.com/itunes-u/bushu-the-kanji-makers-Japanese/id438294617 (Preview page)

OwlThinkingFinalThis is a collection of video clips about 90 kanji radicals (bushu) and other related materials prepared by Noriko Williams and her team, including her former students at American University.

The objective of this study is to enable a student of Japanese to recognize a recurring partial component of kanji (radical or bushu 部首) that carries its own meaning wherever it appears. This knowledge will deepen understanding of kanji and improve the ability to recall kanji and to learn new kanji. It is an approach that goes beyond rote memorization.

Here’s how it works:

(1) A student will learn the historical development of a kanji, from ancient times when the shape was the direct image of meaning, to the present shape.

(2) A student will see that relationship between shape and meaning by reference to three sample kanji that contain the same radical.

(3) The ninety bushu that are included will cover the majority of kanji used in Japan. This will impart the ability to learn new kanji more easily.

The Table of Contents




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